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Welcome to the Social Studies AW Guide 



Philosophically, incorporating Aboriginal education in social studies will require teaching Aboriginal content explicitly, as well as incorporating the principles of Aboriginal learning into our classes more implicitly.


In addition to the General Tips outlined on our resource main page (we strongly recommend reading that first), the Social Studies department wishes to highlight two specific things regarding Aboriginal infusion that we believe is important for its success:


  1. As much as possible, we want to incorporate positive narratives of Aboriginal strength and success. We do not want a student to graduate and the only thing they understand about Aboriginal Peoples is their suffering.

   2. Each grade has its own Aboriginal content (explicit) so there is no (or very little) overlap between grades. Please see                  chart below for a quick guide to Socials courses

Below you will find links to Grade Specific Guides that align Course Competency and Content with suggested strategies.

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