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Philosophically, incorporating Aboriginal education in social studies will require teaching Aboriginal content explicitly, as well as incorporating the principles of Aboriginal learning into our classes implicitly.


In addition to the General Tips outlined on our resource main page (we strongly recommend reading that first), the English department guidelines highlights two specific things regarding Aboriginal infusion important for success:


  1. Students’ understanding of their world expands and deepens as they engage with a wide variety of nonfiction and fiction texts. They explore real and imaginary worlds through the analysis and creation of story.

  2. They learn to appreciate the importance of story in reflecting and shaping Canadian culture and worldviews, including those of Aboriginal peoples.

  3. Aboriginal worldviews are an integral part of the English Language Arts curriculum, as all students learn about themselves and others as British Columbians and Canadians. Students see their own diversity reflected in what they see and do, and they learn to recognize and respect a range of worldviews.

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