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05/15 - 2019

The fiction section of the Library is currently going through a transformation in a genre-based layout. Find out more about the benefits of genres in the article attached below.

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05/15 - 2019

Our district databases have been updated! Two new World Culture and World Foods databases add to user options for research.

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01/19 - 01/23

Now beta testing our new Plex server, an on-demand resource for teachers and students accessing media. The server works in-house to supply all of your video requests in a "Netflix" type environment.

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TeachBC is an online resource of teaching materials, lessons, and research relevant to the K-12 BC curriculum.  The website is public and open to everyone through the generosity of BC public school teachers. Teachers and organizations can share their teaching resources or educational research by registering and uploading their materials or providing links. Anyone can browse and download the resources for classroom or professional use. Browsing is easy. Users can search by subject, grade level, resource type, title, description, language, and more. Find it here.


ERAC is a consortium of BC public school districts and independent schools that work together cooperatively... ERAC also provides the training and support required to maximize the benefits of the membership. Find it here.


A comprehensive list of subject-based resources for teachers. Find it here and here.

Ministry of Education

MediaSmarts (formerly the Media Awareness Network) is a Canadian non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario that focuses on media literacy programs. ... Surveys and studies performed by MediaSmarts have explored youth media consumption, such as television and internet use, as well as media issues. Find it here.


Open educational resources are tools and supports that are available at no cost. They’re designed to support learning for K–12 students and adult learners. Parents and teachers will also find them helpful in supporting students.


AITC raises agricultural literacy by helping students' understand the farm sources of their food, fabric and flowers. The program is carried out in each state, according to state needs and interests, by individuals representing farm organizations, agribusiness, education and government. Find it here.

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