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 Welcome to Modern Languages: Resources 

First Nations Steering Committee Guide

FNESC has created a First Peoples 10, 11, and 12 Teacher Resource Guide. It provides guiding ideals and practical lessons for English teachers infusion First Nations Principles in Learning and specific Aboriginal English-themed lessons. Find it here.

Indigenous Peoples Media

Educational Films on the History & Culture of Native American, First Nations & Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples Media is excited to announce that many of the films we distribute on Native American & First Nations history and culture are now available in streaming video format. Streaming videos can be purchased with 1 year, 3 year or perpetual licenses. Site link is here.

First Nations Steering Committee

Established in 1992, the First Nations Education Steering Committee works to advance quality education for all First Nations students in British Columbia and to support communities in their efforts to improve the success of First Nations students. Find it here.

Strong Nations

In 2012, Strong Nations began a publishing house. By 2017, now with over 150 published titles. Many resources for educators. Find it here.

AW Room Resources

Find a wide variety of resources to help unit and lesson building. Books are located in the Aboriginal Support Worker’s room and are available for school staff to borrow.  Please sign-out any books you wish to borrow. A current list of resources can be found here.

Shared Learnings

A teacher guide developed in recognition of the need for classroom materials that can help all teachers provide students with knowledge of, and opportunities to share experiences with BC Aboriginal peoples. A resource to help teachers bring this knowledge into the classroom in a way that is accurate, and that reflects the Aboriginal concepts of teaching and learning. Includes instructional strategies across all curriculum areas, including physical education. Find it here.

Ministry of Ed Aboriginal Education Resources

Recognizing that our students are our future, Aboriginal Education seeks to:

  • Improve the success of these students

  • Support all students learning about Aboriginal peoples

  • Help teachers in their efforts to bring Aboriginal knowledge into their teaching practice

Find it here.

BCTF Education Resources

The BCTF Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee has developed a rich and deep collection of lessons and workshops for teachers. A current list of resources can be found here.

Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom

This resource guide aligns with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the newly revised curriculum emphasizing relevant, authentic inclusion of content regarding Aboriginal culture, language and history. The resource guide supports educators and provides context as they incorporate the First Peoples Principles of Learning into their learning environments. Find it here.

Kamloops Aboriginal Education Resources

A comprehensive collections of usable resources. Find it here.

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