The First Word


This is a virtual portal designed for the community of DW Poppy High School. The goal is to best serve as a support for our learners who are adapting to new curriculum changes. The virtual Library Learning Commons is guided by our resident Teacher Librarian who is always available to contact online.

Learning in the 21st Century


The BC Curriculum changes have left many of our students unsure of how to meet the new Core Competencies.  This site is a place to collaborate with peers, investigate new learning tools and ideas, and interact with the LLC to redevelop older content develop new materials.

The Future of DW Poppy LLC


The Library Learning Commons is also adapting to the changes in learning that our school is experiencing. the physical space is being redesigned to meet your needs. The online content is being expanded to include resources relevant to your learning including online research, design tools, and other online content to assist in your learning.

DW Poppy TL  
Founder’s Notes 


The DW Poppy Library Learning Commons is a place that is in constant development in recognising the constant changes and needs of our school community. Our goal is to constantly reinvigorate our services to best suit your needs. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, requests, and comments.

We’d love to hear from you!   

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