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Designing a Rube Goldberg Machine - Resources 

The Infinite Cat Project

A Rube Goldberg machine simulator  - to build a better mouse trap.  Find it here.

Best Rube Goldberg Machines

A website dedicated to the best Rube Goldberg machines, providing inspiration for your machine.  Find it here.

ball.JPG - Dynamic Systems

An online Rube Goldberg simulator, the goal is to get the metal ball into the bucket.  Find it here.

Rube Goldberg ideas for a Pegboard

These pins show some common to unusual ideas for a Rube Goldberg pegboard machine Find it here.

Goldberg to Go

Another great simulator. Find it here.

blue ball.JPG
Chain Reactions - Blue Ball vs. Red Ball

Two useful videos showing how a ball can take up to two minutes finding its way down a pegboard. Find it here.

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