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Designing a Resort - Resources 

Resort 3.JPG
Video - 3D Video Presentation Hotel and Resort Design

A very detailed design of a modern resort..  Find it here.

Sample - Resort Business Plan

An outline for everything needed in a resort business plan.  Find it here.

Sample - Budget Design

A helpful outline of a real resort budget.  Find it here.

Template - Resort Business Plan Outline

A Powerpoint Outline showing all the necessary components of a resort business plan.  Find it here.

Resort management.JPG
Resource - Designing a Resort

A helpful resource for designing a resort - with many steps outlined. Find it here.

case study 3.jpg
Sample - Resort Case Study 3

A final case study on a resort in Bali. Find it here.

Video - 3D Video Presentation of a Complete Resort

This 3D "fly-through" of a resort shows a comprehensive view of many ideas in design.  Find it here.

Template - An Operating Budget for a Resort

A downloadable template to use in creating your budget.  Find it here.

Resort 3.JPG
Design Tool - Floorplanner

A design tool for developing a 3D model of your resort..  Find it here.

Resource - How to Design a Resort

A great resource to explain what a resort actually is. Includes case studies. Find it here.

case study.JPG
Sample - Resort Case Study

A short case study to help in deciding how to display information about your resort. Find it here.

Sample -Architectural  Resort Designs

A great tool for coming up with cutting edge design ideas for your resort. Architizer is how architects search for, evaluate and share building-products across teams. Founded in 2009, our mission is to empower architects with information to build better buildings, better cities and a better world. Find them here.

Sample - An Operating Budget for a Resort

A useful example of what it take to run a resort on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.  Find it here.

Resource - How to Make a Brochure

Designing a beautiful brochure is part of promotion. Create a pamphlet-brochure in Word with this helpful guide here.

Research - Hotels and Accommodation

This site is a textbook chapter outlining the essentials in designing a plan for a hotel including trends, operations, and types of hotels. Helpful in designing your operations report. In essence, hospitality is made up of two services: the provision of overnight accommodation for people travelling away from home, and options for people dining outside their home. We refer to the accommodation and food and beverage services sectors together as the hospitality industry. Find the resource here.

case study 2.JPG
Sample - Resort Case Study 2

Another case study with details on every aspect of design. Find it here.

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