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Sep 16, 2019
In LLC Student Blog
A Learning Commons (LC) is a more modern library, where learning is encouraged and accepted. A LC is more collaborative, technology based, and a place everyone wants to be. It's necessary because as technology and things to learn advances, so should the places we learn. If an old library had books on things in the past, would people come to look at the new things out in the world? No, no they wouldn't. Other older libraries are turning into more modern LC, and the students are really enjoying themselves, imagine thinking when you were young “The library? Why would I want to go there, there's only books and you get shhhed at for talking” and how nowadays, a LC actually wants you to talk with others, ask questions, and doesn't just focus on books, making the range of people wanting to come learn much bigger. A big part of a LC is the tech, kids love tech, phones, laptops, PS4’s, and much more, if you can make learning happen on tech, the younger people who don't like reading can look something up or listen to an audiobook while they rest, A LC uses today's culture to inspire its design and purpose, and with tech on the rise, who doesn't want to go and sit with their friends in a welcoming interactive place? I personally like that you can share what you are passionate about with others and teach them about it, almost like a classroom without tests and stress, the LC makes me feel more open to discuss topics that I usually wouldn't talk about, and learn more about the things I am interested in in a very inquiry based environment. In Conclusion a LC is an interactive, encouraging place to learn and develop as a person. Bibliography: - - Personal experiences
What is a Learning Commons and Whats its Value? content media
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