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Sep 25, 2019
In LLC Student Blog
Hannah Fischlin LLC September 24, 2019 Why it is Important to Modernize Current Traditional Libraries When most people think of a library they think of a boring, quiet room filled with books, and nothing else. But that needs to change! That’s why we are set on modernizing traditional libraries into a more inviting space... a learning commons! A learning commons is so much more than just a room filled with books. It’s a space that allows individuals to create their own environment to improve their learning. As the world becomes more and more advanced it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we need too modernize traditional libraries and upgrade them to learning commons. So many schools have already began to switch over, including D.W.Poppy Secondary. D.W.Poppy has made their learning commons a very inviting and relaxing area. They’ve started by taking out most of the desktop computers, putting in more seating ares, and taking out tall books cases. By doing so this opens up more room to do different kinds of projects. There’s also a lot of new technology. There are also all different kinds of seating areas so students are able to work alone, or in large groups, it is a much more flexible learning area now. While making it more comfortable to learn in, they also included some new features to make it more relaxing, like plants, a waterfall, and even a pet fish! Thomas More Prep-Marian, a catholic school in the United Sates, just unveiled their new learning commons recently and they are loving it! They decided to switch over because their old library was feeling antiquated and students and teachers were barely using it. The upgrade included a complete renovation of the interior, new flexible furniture, study ares, and shelves filled with books. It is an entirely new space. Making the decision to upgrade your library into a learning commons is completely necessary. The key exponent is making it a flexible space that is suitable for all different kinds of learners. Students learn in so many different ways now, it can be hard to keep up for some of them, but upgrading to a learning commons can make it easy for these students. It is important to have the new technology to support different kinds of research and projects. A learning commons should be a safe, and fun place to be. Students and teachers will want to be in there and be involved! dedicates-new-learning-commons/ ingredients-for-your-learning-commons-a-recipe-for- success
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