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What makes a learning commons great?

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Wow, so many facts and details its great, It really shows how much you care about our LC, You presented evidence and good points and a well documented understanding of the LC. More photos would be nice as to show examples of what a LC would look like. Other than that its a very good explanation.

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  • What is the learning commons? It’s coming down to the library to do research on projects or finding out facts about different things and to hang out at a table to enjoy your time with friends, at lunch or a little bit after school. Is it necessary to modernize the LLC, well indeed it is. The more we modernize this place, the more students will want to be here. If we can get the newest technology in here it will invite more people to come and enjoy their time here while being able to get work done. Also if the people need technology that isn’t just computers, we could have an assortment of different technologies such as Ipads with a stylist, Cameras, Green screen room, VR room, and maybe some arcade games lingering around. And also have some board games in a section so that way people can still be down to earth. The LLC should be an experience to be personalized to the way you want it. An example is if someone wants to be left alone at a computer, they shouldn’t have to leave the room or be asked to leave. I think that there should be a couple of fundraisers to promote the LLC and to roll in some money to get new technologies and different things to do. Even though a LC is an on going project, it could also take on new challenges such as getting a few more people to help around the LC, and to help the students who are trying to study or learn for a class or a project on their own. We can learn from other schools about what they have done and try some tactics of our own. An example is that school district #36 vocalized and showed that an important way for learning is electronic wise, so giving the students an electronic device for school will help, they can store all their school work and other things to help them learn. And they can take it home to help get ahead or to get caught up. And if they go away on vacation, they can contact their teachers to see what is happening in that class and get their work done. If we make the students a priority, then we can get the highest rank which is the beauty Lambo.
  • LLC Response: A LLC is a whole school approach to building a participatory learning community. The library learning commons is the physical and virtual collaborative learning hub of the school. As modern-day technology advances, it is important that the innovation of a library learning commons should advance with it. Otherwise, an outdated LLC’s would be completely irrelevant. Although the obvious LLC’s commons innovation would be to keep up with modernized computers. There are more simplified ways of innovation, like implementing pleasant and comfortable reading/studying furniture and constantly re-arranging library seating and space. There is a significant relevance in the psychology of this innovative tactic, for example, if the comfortable furniture is placed around the computers, students are more likely to use the computers. But if the comfortable furniture is placed around the books, students have a greater chance to pick up a book. In addition, the implementation of comfortable furniture in general is a great innovative tactic as it attracts students and gives off a welcoming feeling. DW Poppy's learning commons has sort of implemented this innovative idea, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if we re-arranged the seating plan. Moving the comfortable furniture (couches) closer to the books. Although books carry a large significance in the library, the most important part of a library learning commons is the computers. My reasoning behind this statement is as technology advances LLC's need to advance with it and right know the internet is the most convenient way to access knowledge. LLC's need to work towards raising the annual LLC budget, then use that money to invest in newer computers. Evidence/examples: Workspace at Google headquarters: Google takes a very interesting approach to the workspace. This room for example gives off a both comfortable and productive feel. The dart board implies that doing some sort of physical activity and can get your creative juices flowing. In addition, as it is common for employees to feel stressed out using physical activities and games whether is throwing darts or playing pool it is a great way to relieve stress. � �
  • For the Library inquiry project I want to focus on decoration and aesthetic of the library. The library is a place they can come to and relax and make it look appealing. Like how Chapters went to Indigo and is now a very welcoming comfy place to go into and is very appealing to the eye. My goal with this is to make it a comfier space with all the accommodations people might need to study and or read books in the library. I would like to decorate according to season as well to make things more festive and also create a display of books associating with said theme. It would bring more people in if it was an aesthetically pleasing place. for example getting bean bag chairs like ACSS has for people to relax on. another feature could maybe be an essential oil diffuser to help put a nice smell throughout the space and help people feel relaxed while walking in.



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