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Welcome to Digital Literacy 8!


Access your course overview here:


Setting up sites for use in class - most sites need a working email address to be accessed in this course.

Use you School District Office 365 account email. Click Below instruction on how to access your account:

Assignment #1 – Create your own website portfolio!

Assessed on Website Content and Design and Improvements

See the rubric here – Website Rubric

Objective - Use the site to create a site for yourself (don’t use your real name)

Website Content -  

1) Choose a theme for yourself

2) Modify the header – insert a picture and a title “Digital Literacy 8”

3) Create an “About” page and tell us the story about yourself – (50 words and a picture representing you)

    Here is a suggestion for what to write about:

    A. What are your hobbies or interests

    B. Something fascinating about yourself

    C. Talents

    D. Dreams for the future

    E. Opinions (any topic you like i.e. food, sports, movies, etc.)

Design and Improvements -

1) Ongoing improvements - add on 2-3 minimum additional elements to your website (i.e. a photo gallery, customized background, changed font styles and sizes, etc.)

2) Make sure that all unnecessary links, test boxes, and other elements of the template you chose are removed or used on the site.

3) Edit your site when new content is created to make its layout organized and clear.

Assignment #2 – Post About Yourself

Assessed on In-Class collaboration and Online Individual Thought

See the rubric here – Blog Rubric

Objective - Create a Blog Page and create posts using the Blog Button on the Dashboard  

Class Collaboration - videos watched, group and class conversation, note taking and organization (take a picture to help complete these posts!)

Video about our future with technology:

NextWorld - Future Intelligence -
















Online Individual Thought - 

1) Write your first Blog post:

     What do you know about computers and technology?   Explain your previous computer experience, etc. What do you want to know            about computers, technology, etc.? Include a picture that represents you. (50-100 words and with pictures/video)

2) Create a second post about:

     What are some of the most exciting future technologies you are looking forward to using and why? Describe three different types of            computer technology and how they inspire you. Research one of the technologies from the movie and find out more information                about this technology including when it will become available to you. Include a URL at the end of your paragraph to link with the                  webpage you used. Provide pictures of this technology. (50-100 words, pictures/video)

     Email a link to your PUBLISHED Website to me 

Assignment #3 - Photoshop

Assessed on Content and Design

See rubric here – Photoshop Rubric

Objective - Create a collage with a background on based on your interpretation of how our future society will look like


Content - Using the notes from class, develop a scene that represents how you think your future will be changed by the rise of technology. Examples include your home, your future work place, school, or any other setting that could be changed.

Design - This assignment must include the following:

  • A canvas size of 8.5 x 11 inches (portrait) or 11 x 8.5 inches (landscape)

  • A background picture

  • At least 10-15 pictures to insert into collage

  • A title

Find a key for Hot Keys and Tools here:

Post your finished Picture in a blog post about your experience in using Photoshop and how Technology in the Future inspired your picture. Do this by converting the Photoshop .psd file to a jpeg file for uploading by using the down arrow when saving the file. (50-100 words)

How to convert files from psd to jpg:











Assignment #4 - Cyber Awareness 

Assessed on In-Class Collaboration and Online Individual Thought

1) Please read one of the following articles:


2) Go to this link:                                            and play the game. At the end, use the Snipping Tool to take one or two screenshots of the


conclusion and use them to create a blog post (see below).

3) Create a blog post about what cyber security topic is the most important to you and why. Provide details from your in-class readings, discussions, and the game. (50-100 words and pictures/videos)

Assignment #5 – Coding 

Assessed on In Class Collaboration and Design

What is Computational Thinking?





1) Create a flowchart in Office 365 Word online with a partner for a simple process that you do every day. Include 8-10 steps and include two decisions. You can find examples of flow chart symbols here: 







Go to this page and sign up for an account.


2) Complete the "Try it Out" demo and use the "Snipping Tool" in Windows Accessories and save your snipped picture (jpg) to your Office 365 One Drive. Explain what you had to do to make the code work.


Snipping Tool - 

3) Next click on the “See examples” and choose to do one project. Save your completed code as a snipped picture (jpg) to One Drive.

Post both of your coding assignments pictures to a blog post and explain how computational thought works, how it helped in your coding, and reflect on your experience coding in Scratch. (50-100 words, pictures/video)

Final Reflection

Download this final self-assessment, complete it, and email it to me -

Final Assessment

Vetting sources: Here

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